Saturday, January 14, 2012

Score 1 for Team Mommy!

Daddy was home last night and Ry still insisted on a girl's night. Score 1 for Team Mommy!

Being "mother" to three little girls, I've always known that my days of being cool were numbered. Honestly though, I thought Ry wouldn't officially jump ship until she was in the age 10-12 range. Lately, I've started thinking my calculations have been off. Somehow, somewhere, unannounced to me, Ry met and befriended "sassy pants" and if that isn't bad enough, she quite literally could Go For The Olympic Gold if eye-rolling was an event. So needless to say, its been difficult for me having to watch Rylee learn how to grow...... into the beautiful, smart, INDEPENDENT, young girl she is. We're nearing the age of seven.

Most nights, Ry chooses to speak "nerd" with her father. This is not a bad thing at all. Ed thoroughly enjoys explaining in great detail "how the world works", Rylee thoroughly enjoys learning, and I appreciate their bond and love for knowledge. At age two, Rylee was told Archimedes' principle by her father who was giving her a bath. At age three, Ry came running into the living room screaming "my panties are not COOPERATING with my bottom." And today, at age six, she dreams of being a Paleontologist. Oh! And by the way, what three year old says cooperating in context? Yep, that would clearly be the girl who speaks "nerd" with her father. Truthfully though, only the ones who have had the privilege of witnessing one of their encounters can fully understand the magnitude. These lucky individuals can also fully appreciate the beauty. 

Em and I regularly witness Team Daddy cozied up with one another but we choose to let them do their own thing because we'd rather spin in circles, dream of daisy fields, eat candy or ice cream, and force awkward conversations between Ken doll and Ariel, the Little Mermaid. When Ed and Rylee decide to watch boring TV, Em and I take turns drawing pictures on each other's backs and guessing what pictures have been drawn. Sadly, no one knows which team Lucy will choose. She continues to stare from afar as if she's wondering how she fits into this chaos. We wonder too.

Because Ry has gotten too old for lovin' her momma and because she leans towards Team Daddy, I tend to pull out the extremes when I feel the need to get a little love from her. Admittedly, I usually force every bit of it. That's right, sometimes, well most times, I tackle, sit or pin her down and ultimately squeeze too tight. I even stoop so low as to tickle with all my might. Ed keeps telling me that no one voluntarily cuddles with me (including the dog and cat) because my tactics are all wrong. Yeah. Yeah. I hear him but desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes this momma just needs to feel the love.

So last night, recognizing one of my most favorite of all things right in the world - cuddling - Rylee Potter invited me to cuddle with her. I can't even begin to tell you how big a deal this was. Actually, it was more than a big deal. It was a privilege. Ry, Em, and Lucy all grabbed their blankies and the four of us girls went into the bedroom for an all out no boys allowed cuddlefest. Laughter was abundant. Everyone was in a good mood. No one was fighting or whining. It was perfect. And I know it was perfect because even big girl, to cool, sassy pants Rylee said so.

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